Monday, November 7, 2011

Observation Tomorrow

Tomorrow I am going to teach my Group Think lesson again. :) I am really excited because tomorrow, I get to have my supervisor come and see me teach.

Then I was told in an e-mail that she wanted a hard copy of my lesson plan. Well, I don't have a lesson plan; I've never made a formal lesson plan before nor do I know what one might look like. I went back over some of my on-line school work learning and found out what needs to be written in a lesson plan. So, whether this is right or not, I wrote up a few pages explaining my lesson under the appropriate topic headings. We'll see if it'll pass or not. I kinda doubt it will, just because I'm me, and lately I've been grouchy and things don't go as planned.

But we shall find out tomorrow if my fail attempt at writing a lesson plan to submit to my supervisor will fly or not.

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