Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Visit to the UT Tyler Career Fair

I attended the career fair today and have a couple of stories I'd like to share with about my visit. As you know I am working on my masters degree in education, am now state certified to teach speech 7-12 grade and I also know some sign language and have taken college courses in the language.

I went today in hopes of being able to meet with Nacadoches isd. Nacadoches isd never showed up. :(

I found a smaller school district in Pittsburgh, Texas when I first began my walk through the booths. The lady who visited with me seemed sincerely interested in me and kind. I think I will definitely contact her and follow up with her about seeing about a job position for my future after this grad program is over with.

Next I stopped to visit the Longview isd table. I got an information folder & was basically advised to go and get a certification in sign language or interpreting and then talk to them later. So, I don't think that went too well in my favor.

Next I dropped the Tyler isd table. I shook the hands of a man and a blond lady. The man was open and had a friendly smile. The lady didn't actually "shake" my hand. She instead gripped my hand rather painfully and released. Ouch. Then she asked if I dropped by their table last year. When I affirmed that I did, she said "yes, I remember you..." with a fake smile. During my visit at the table I informed the two representatives that I am in grad school and working on my Master's in Curriculum and Instruction and that now I am state certified to teach speech. Apparently this did not impress the blond lady at all. "When are you going to finish school?" she asked me. When I told her next summer she asked when I was going to finish my Masters. I told her I'd be steadily working on it and hope to be teaching by the fall. The man offered me an information folder, hand sanitizer, and welcomed my signature with a smile. I took this as a clue that I'd better leave. I shook his hand and the blond lady painfully gripped my hand again with a fake smile.

When I escaped the Tisd table I was stopped for conversation at the U.S. Navy booth. They want me to think about pursuing a career with them teaching in foreign countries or working with nuclear stuff on their ships....

About 3 steps later I found the Vanity clothing booth. I smiled at then and proudly proclaimed that I saw their listing on the UT career services website. They didn't know what I was talking about. FAIL. But at least they pushed an application at me and said they were currently holding interviews at a set of tables in the middle of the gym. I went ahead and took an application. Why not? It's good practice for me to gain interviewing skills. Later I filled out the applicationg and sat through a group interview. ^_^ I don't think I'd like to go back into the rush of holiday retail...

I came across the 360 Fitness booth and had a good long conversation with the guy there. I think they will be an interesting company to follow up with. He said that they invest in their employees and even train them up to become full-time personal trainers. That would be cool to have under my belt, wouldn't it?

Next to the 360 booth was the Aeropostale table. I greeted them, and shook the two ladies hands & I asked what they were currently hiring for. They said they were hiring for full-time managers, part-time management, part-time sales, etc. They asked me what I want to do one day & I said teach. They nodded and smiled and offered me an application as well as a few information fliers. Later I filled out the application and gave it back to them. We'll see what happens with that...

The last booth I visited was for the DEA and I thought the lady there was really interesting. She told me the job consisted of carrying a fire arm, wearing a bullet proof vest, going under cover, kicking in doors, following and survailing drug deals, testifying in court, arresting drug users, and working 8-5 Monday through Friday plus holidays, weekends, and late night when drug deals are taking place.

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