Saturday, October 29, 2011

Humans vs Zombies: Day 5

^some of the horde, juggernaut Zombie pictured, look for the flag belt

Well my friends, the day of reckoning is upon us, tomorrow will be the last stand of the humans, the last act of a long and stressful week. Finally we will see, will the humans survive, or will the zombie plague sweep the world and destroy whats left of humanity! Both sides of the conflict are aware of the stakes and the fear in the air is palpable. With little to no action the entire day, both sides gave into chaos and in-fighting. The humans, staying bunkered in their fortresses, gave no targets for the blood hungry zombies and they turned on each other, trying to kill one of the Uber-Zombies in order to gain his fantastical powers. And on the human side, fear and isolation drove some to madness as they ventured out in kamikaze runs against the horde, better to go out in a quick heroic fashion than waste away.

1 human went out to the lake, the peaceful tranquility of the lake was to bear witness to the bloodbath that followed in his wake. Standing on his own, he felled 18 of the beasts before he was overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of the horde, he went down in the glory of combat and his memory will live on. Another 2 teamed together, one giving his last antidote to a passing survivor who learned of their plans, went to safety to survive for the last stand. By then, the horde had dissipated across the war zone looking for wanderers they wouldn't find, joined briefly by two MODS units, and myself, they went searching for whatever trouble they could find, unable to find anything more than a few stragglers, they succumbed to the horde with all the honor they had hoped to gain.

Now we are here, at this moment, my friends I have been more than happy to report to you about the growing menace and I hope that wherever you are, the zombie war is faring better for you, official numbers put the survivors at 87, and the zombies at a commanding 121. I may be called upon tomorrow by MODS special units or falling hunters to pick up my weaponry and join the fray, and if that moment comes, I promise to you, I shall do my duty, and if I am to fall, then it has been a pleasure to have broadcasted this message of hope to you for as long as I was able to. May you live well my friends, and may you fall, with style. I reckon you better get a coffin ready!

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