Monday, October 31, 2011

High School Observations and Halloween

Last week, I finished my high school observations for my teaching certificate. Yes, high school. For most of us, it was almost 4 years ago (shifty eyes), so we can act like we don't remember. I, however, was thrown back into the fray last Monday. Whta's more, it was a tenth grade Journalism class. I was surprised that it wasn't anything I didn't expect. Some of the kids were apathetic and didn't really want to be there. It didn't help that the class was in the morning, either, but something told me they didn't want to be there regardless. Much more of the class, however, was a lot more responsive to what their teacher had to say. Whenever a question was asked, one of those attentive students would answer it. They would chatter and work together on an assignment while the bored children flipped through magazines or talked about sports and whatnot. The teacher, who was incredibly nice, could only do so much to keep their attention, but she did keep up with the lesson plan she set aside for them. All in all, I think she did alright trying to teach 15 high schoolers, even if she did struggle a bit.

It is finally Halloween, so I know all of you are getting ready to stuff yourselves with good old high fructose corn syrup and chocolate, so here's a little work out music for before and after:

Happy Halloween!

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