Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 1 Student Teaching Observation

Today I had my first observation session in which I went to my old high school to meet a speech teacher and sit in on two of her classes. I quite enjoyed myself. I arrived about 40 minutes ahead of the class meeting so I could park in visitors, introduce myself at the front office, and find my teacher's class room. I'm glad my teacher was alone in her room because this offered the opportunity for us to get acquainted and talk about her lessons, and her views about teaching speech. I've heard from a few students before that she is really cool, so I had high hopes for my teacher and she didn't disappoint. She & I will get along wonderfully, I think. It helps to have been continuously e-mailing her about my assignment. She's really understanding and is really encouraging of me to do "whatever I want" when I finally decide to try teaching and shake up the class's normal "routine." I think she & I will be able to work very well together, because she says she's ready to pass the torch when I have a lesson ready.

Tomorrow, I will go and spend the entire day with her and sit in on all of her classes. I am looking forward to this and I hope I can get more inspiration to possibly try my hand at a lesson by next week. That would be so wonderful! Right now I am all kinds of excited. I'm already thinking about what to wear, how to do my make-up, and what lunch to make myself for tomorrow. Maybe I am just overly excited and tomorrow will bring me down to earth, but for now, I am already wishing for next week to get here so I can spend more time in the class room. Or better yet, I am already wishing for next semester's full-time student teaching. But we shall see how tomorrow goes.

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