Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tis the season

Ah it happens every year, school is going into swing all sorts of assignments and tests coming up and walah.... suddenly we are bombarded with video games, not even just regular video games, no game of the year, awesome video games. This may seem like an odd problem, but for a lot of college age students it is one. I'm trying to find the balance between doing well in school, work, going to the gym, and playing these games, because let's be honest, I have to play some of them. And I can't stop going to the gym, because I wan't to be a healthy person, I can't slack off at work because this is the first job I've ever cared about or enjoyed, and I can't slack off in school because I'm close to graduating and these classes aren't getting any easier. And don't you dare say skip the video games or I will LOSE IT!!! RAAAAAAH, these are the horrible nightmares of first world people.

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