Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Teaching State Test

This past Saturday I took a state test for a speech 7-12 grade teaching certification. I had to purchase the test back during the early part of August and printed off my ticket so I'd have it come test time. I'm glad I did that because I had the ticket print off sitting in my education binder and would refer back to that as a means of reminding myself not to forget that the test is on the 24th of September. Some times it was easy to forget I even had to take a test, especially since I'd paid for the test a month ago.
The test was held this past Saturday in the business building here on campus. I met a bunch of young looking teachers who were all here to get certified to teach a subject. Most of them taught multiple subjects already without a certification and were here for the test at the request of their principal. I talked with two male teachers who also coached sports and were going after their social studies and secondary math certifications. One lady was already a teacher and was going after her generalist certification, which enables you to teach elementary students. Another lady did mission work and wanted a speech certification (like me!) so she could fall back on it for awhile. She'd been out of school for 5 years already. Then I met this man with the same name as me, his name was Ryan, and he was going after a speech certification too, (like me!) and he also taught theatre and directed one act plays at this high school.
I was greatly impressed and inspired by all these educators that have already begun their teaching. They were older than me, but their age only made me more excited to become a certified speech teacher by the time I'm 23.

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