Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I am taking on-line classes. I have been active for my two education courses through the Blackboard for the past two weeks now and am maintaining them ok. But today I got an e-mail from the program's advisor asking if everything is ok and why I haven't done the introduction assignment for the post baccalaureate module. I ask her if the means the modules for my two educ classes & she says no, for the $610 Modules I bought in order to complete before the Spring semester.
So I quickly go to my blackboard and realize that the $610 Modules I bought were actually a part of a third on-line class! Well, I never opened the link, so I went the past two weeks without working on this third on-line class. But the good news is that my advisor is thankfully nice and was very helpful, and I am currently catching up on the assignments that should have been worked on over a week ago.
Gotta love technology.....

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