Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Good Weekend

Last week I found out that I actually have 3 classes instead of 2. So I worked and worked on my assignments all last week to pick up the extra class plus the current 2 classes. I managed to finish all of my assignments by early Friday and had the weekend totally free. I didn't think, worry, or check up on any homework all this past weekend. I think it was deserved for all of my efforts during the week to complete the assignments so I could have a free weekend.

This week I want to do the same thing. Today, I have completed the week's work for my first class. I hope to complete the assignments for my second class today and tomorrow. Thursday and Friday I'll spend on my third class. I hope I can have another free weekend away from my school assignments this coming weekend. If this system works, then I'll never procrastinate ever again.

yeah right.....

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