Thursday, September 29, 2011

Feels like resigning from a job.

Today I have experienced very mixed feelings about leaving one group for another. I volunteer with one group and have become so frustrated by the lack of communication that has been going on in the group. I hold a slight leadership role in this group and I am over the other volunteers, or "people" and they are looking to me for information and direction. It has become difficult trying to get information from the people above me and work with them so communication flows from the top and on down to the "people" who have many questions.

A new group has reached out to us and I have been able to communicate very effectively so far with this new group They seem like a beneficial group because they are not last minute people, they are active and easy to get a hold of and communicate with.

I have experienced job-like feelings in this situation. I have decided to resign from the host group and to join in on this second group. I wrote up a letter of resignation and will deliver it tonight. Then I will tell the "people" of my decision. I think this will cause a serious divide among the people. Some have already expressed an interest in joining this second group, while some others are opposed to joining a new group. & no, we can't really be in both, since they meet at the same time.

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