Thursday, September 15, 2011


Today I went to the Hobby Lobby and bought a large "24 x 36" piece of canvas to paint. It was 40% off and cost me about $12. I enjoy painting & want to paint something that I can display as a cool conversation piece.

I painted a picture on Monday of the Llamas with hats on the moon. I had so much fun paining it and told my coworkers about it on Tuesday. I work on campus and my awesome boss says I can display my art, if appropriate. We get to decorate our room and add to the other student art pieces we've collected. Well, I've displayed my Llamas with Hats painting at my computer station and tomorrow I am meeting a friend and we are planning to paint together. I hope that I can create a masterpiece & that I can bring it with me to work and display it with the other paintings on the wall.

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