Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Financial Aid Disbursement Information

Disbursements of financial aid funds for enrolled students will begin on Monday, August 15th.  These funds will be applied to any current semester charges. Loan refunds begin on Tuesday, August 16th. Grant and scholarship refunds begin on September 22nd.

1)      1. Original awards were based on anticipated full-time enrollment. If you are now less than full-time, your cost of attendance (COA) will be adjusted, thus reducing your eligibility.

2)      2. September 14th is Financial Aid Census date. After this date, enrollment will be confirmed and COA will again be adjusted, if necessary. This may cause you to now have a balance due.

3)      3. If you drop below half-time prior to census (September 14), all financial aid that requires at least half-time enrollment will be cancelled. If you have already received a refund of your student loan, you must return those funds immediately. 

4)      4. Spring COA is also based on anticipated full-time enrollment. When the assessment of Spring enrollment occurs— if you are not full-time—your Spring COA will adjust. This may result in a reduction of your Spring awards and possibly your Fall.

5)      5. If you were awarded for both Fall and Spring, but are either not enrolled Fall or are less than half-time, ALL of your awards will be cancelled for BOTH Fall and Spring. If you plan to be enrolled at least half-time in the Spring semester, please complete the Reinstatement Request form and submit it to Enrollment Services Center ( or fax to 903-566-7183)

6)      6. Completely withdrawing from all classes will require you to repay some of your awards. Please read the information on our website regarding the Return of Title IV funds.

Visit our website for the most current information on program requirements.

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