Monday, August 22, 2011

Annnnd classes start

...not for me of course, mine start tomorrow, but a lot of other peoples started. I hope you all had a great first day and you found all of your classes with little to no difficulty. I'm having a few problems with mine, I had dropped one of my classes and re-added it at a different time so I think I'm just set up for an earlier time than what it really is, hopefully that won't be too confusing and sorts itself out with no problems. It looks like enrollment for new students is up which is awesome, and we have a lower drop rating, hopefully because of myself and my fellow comm team workers calling all the students that hadn't registered, and also because of the enrollment services emergency operators, working so many hours answering phones so the enrollment service people can focus on students that much more. I can't imagine how stressful that could be, so the best I can do is write a thank you blog to you, thank you all of admissions and all people that help us students with our many many problems.

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