Tuesday, July 19, 2011

University Website Project Continues: Calendar

The UT Tyler Office of Marketing and Communications is developing an interactive campus calendar of events designed to inform and connect the university community, Beverley Golden, marketing and communications director, announced.

James Mbewe, web developer, leads the effort.

The new calendar will be made available to all departments and include event name, time, location, contact and details.

Departments will designate administrators, who will add, delete and modify their specific events from a single login. Marketing and Communications will monitor all entries to determine high priority events. Those events will automatically publish onto the events tab located on the new home page.

“The calendar will make it easier for students, faculty and staff as well as those outside UT Tyler to find out what’s going on here on campus,” Mbewe said. “Once we complete website template implementation, we will begin adding departments into the calendar.”

Administrator training will begin afterwards, Mbewe added.

Future enhancements include incorporating event location images and subscriber email notifications.

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