Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Job Hunt

I am currently job hunting. It is not bad at all when you currently have a job. So I am not getting discouraged. I have just graduated and I suppose I am like every other new graduate student who is on a quest for full-time work and self identity and discovery. It's not too bad, to be honest. I am kinda having fun. I feel as though I have a "new slate", or something. I think I've applied for about 10 or so jobs. I am interested in working in an educational sort of setting, whether it be in child care centers, public education, or higher education. I think I prefer higher education, but I am keeping my options very open. :) I think eventually something will turn up & my persistance will pay off. I hope for the best. I notice that using the university's Career Services site has been very helpful in setting up my resume, cover letters, and job hunt.

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