Monday, February 7, 2011


I started my studying the first week of school in hopes of not having to cram the week of the test, and for me it has really helped. Another thing that has helped is going to my textbooks website and doing all the interactive stuff, like the flashcards and practice tests. These really help me because they're interactive and give you a different way to study other than just sitting there reading the information over and over again. Most textbooks have them and you can usually find the website in the first couple of pages or in the back. If you can't find it inside the book, you can always just google it, and find it there. I have two tests this week and I feel pretty prepared because I started early, I've read the chapters for both classes, so now all I need to do is just review until the tests on Wednesday and Thursday. I think starting early has helped me in a lot of ways because I feel prepared and I'm not stressed out because I feel like I have to get everything done right before the tests. Good luck if you have tests this week!

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