Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow, The Super Bowl, and Freezing Rain

Okay, so these last two weeks have proven to be pretty exciting in terms of activity. First, it snowed. Yes, for the second time in two years, it has snowed here in Tyler. But, I'm sure everyone and their mom, including our beloved blogging staff, got pictures. I snapped a few myself, but being lazy, I haven't uploaded them yet. The best part of the snow was the University closing, even though we all had to wait with baited breath to know that we wouldn't have to go to class. Still, the 3-day weekend was worth the anxiety.
After another freezing week, it was time for the Super Bowl, which meant I was hanging out at the Patriot Village clubhouse with the rest of the fans. The game was good, but the free hot wings, pizza, and other junk food goodies made it even better. No amount of junk food could have made the half-time show better, though. The Black Eyed Peas in flashy light suits gets old after a bit.
The highlight of this week, however, has been the freezing temperatures. Trudging through sleet and winds that sent umbrellas and loose scarves to their doom was the hardest part of the week. It's good that the weekend will be warmer though, if just slightly. Well, here's to the weekend!

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