Friday, February 18, 2011

Midterms already?

             So, we've approached the middle of February. That means a lot of preparation and a lot of tests. Thankfully, there's been warmer weather. It's been breezy, but I think we all like breezy and warm instead of breezy and freezing.
            Now that spring break is getting closer, it's time for... midterms. For some, midterms are the halfway mark between the beginning of the spring term and the start of the long awaited summer. For others, it's another one of those annoying tests that have a way of tampering with your grade.
          Well, whatever midterms mean to you, they're coming soon. But just like that, they'll be over and we'll be one step closer to ending the year. Whatever it is, keep studying. Midterms don't last forever. :D

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