Monday, February 21, 2011

The great parking debate

            Now we all know that parking can be somewhat of a pain for any university, and hopefully our dear university will continue to grow, but with that hope comes the downside... where will the influx of students park? Parking right now could be described as tight, at best. I usually park here in our office parking lot then hike down to my classes, so it's not as big of a problem for me, but I know a lot of people are in a huff because it's nearly impossible to find a spot in many lots at certain key times in the day, and with a larger student body that problem will only grow.
           So what do we do? Do we destroy the beautiful environment in order to make way for more parking, is it right to destroy nature simply so a sedan can have a spot? Today I saw a motorcycle taking up an entire parking space, when it only took up 30% of the spot, so what do we do with space wasters? Maybe have designated lots for different vehicle types?
         That won't benefit all the drivers of that kind if they have to hike across the campus because they happen to have a truck. I applaud the school for what they've been able to do so far, but this University will only continue to grow and so will this particular problem. That's one thing about business, you have your business and you want it to be successful, but soon it may start to grow beyond your capacity to manage it, enrollment has been on the rise every semester, and I personally want this University to grow and be mentioned with the names of the other great colleges in Texas. I'm not sure how all that translates into parking but it's worth thinking about.

Update: They painted better spaces. :)


Tony said...

I'm amazed by the gates around the student apartments. It just about makes it easier to drive across the road to school rather than to just walk. Perhaps the student body government could think of some ideas to encourage other modes to class... walking / biking / expanded bus service / park and ride / classes held near resident halls.

ElyCorum said...

i like your thoughts tony

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