Friday, January 21, 2011

Thoughts on my Teachers so far

Well I've had each teacher twice now, so I can give my thoughts on them! This is mainly for other business students and marketing majors that are thinking about what to take and aren't sure. Hope this helps!

Krist Swimberghe: This is my teacher for Marketing Research, the class seems okay so far. He seems to be really passionate about the subject and he's been all over the world. His name is a little tough to pronounce but I think I have it down. He picks his voice up a lot when he talks so it really gets your attention. But overall I think he's really nice, he's trying to memorize all of our names and faces and I always like when that happens. It makes you not want to miss class more, because they'll notice.

Barbara Wooldridge: I've had her in my Principles of Marketing class, and I'm in her Service Marketing class now. She's a really nice but also very difficult teacher. She's one of those teachers that makes sure that you earn your grade and that you get your moneys worth out of your degree. I know her class is going to be really difficult but I also know that that's important. You have to have difficult classes so your degree means something.

Jana Rutherford: I had her last semester in my Consumer Behavior class and I have her for Integrated Marketing Communications class. Again, she's one of those teachers that makes you earn your grade and expects you to show up for every class to put in the effort. Very nice teacher, tries to get you involved into the lectures, very professional professor, makes your degree mean something.

G. Hwan Shin: This is my Finance teacher, an Asian fellow. His class is really interesting, he seems to know a lot about finance and it shows whenever he speaks about it. He is of Chinese origin, I have to warn you, if you have to take him it might be just a little bit difficult to understand him, but as of the 2nd class I can understand him pretty well. At first I thought the language barrier would be an issue, but once you pick up on the speech pattern it's not a problem. There were a lot of drops after the first class, that's understandable, but he's a really nice, really funny teacher.

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