Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2011 Competition Schedule

Well, as an endurance athlete I always love finishing the season off safe and sound. Today I have officially finalized my 2011 Competition Schedule featuring 5 triathlons and a unique "end of the world" 3.5 mile run.

* Athens Triathlon on March 5
* Caveman Triathlon on April 10
* WWIII.5 run on May 1
* Heart of Texas Triathlon #1 June 12
* Y Freedom Triathlon June 26
* Texas Star Triathlon July 9

It should be a great season, just have to finish working on the 'ol bicycle and then I'll be training hard core till the last race. If you are interested in competing in any of these races let me know and maybe we can car pool there to save on gas. Also, if you are interested in maybe doing a triathlon someday leave a comment and I will give you some tips! Have a great day and safe competing!

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