Friday, December 24, 2010

Tis the Season to be Jolly

Farararara rarararaaah, sorry, A Christmas Story is on, as it is usually for 24 hours around Christmas day. How are you my lovelys? I am pretty well I must say, I'm having a great time in Jasper, just spending some quality time with my Mom. Yesterday we took our niece and two pups home with us to watch for the night, and in the morning I would have to watch all three for a few hours... what follows is a story too horrific to be deemed anything but the absolute truth. I awake at 4 am to the sounds of crying, at 7 am, I notice that a baby is being put into the crib in my temporary room, I am given instructions on what to do. At 8:30 am.... she awakes, what follows is a 2 hour cry fest in which I desperately try to get her to stop. First I give her her milk, which was my first instruction, she cries in between gulps of milk, I can't understand what the 1 1/2 year old is screaming about. I can't figure out if she's screaming because her Mom isn't around, if her Grandma isn't around, if she's hungry, thirsty, if her throat hurts, if she has a dirty diaper, if she wants a toy, or if she simply wants out of the crib, so I try to satisfy all the wants at once, I change a completely dry diaper thinking that may have been the problem, I try in vain to give her food which she knocks from my hand. I try to get the dogs to play with her, they run in terror from the tiny crying menace. Oh and by the way I have to keep washing her face to clean off the tears and all the mucus coming from her nose every 5 minutes. I run up and down the house looking for her "binky" ...but I CANNOT find it anywhere, after 2 hours of this pathetic attempt of me trying to get her to calm down, I finally remember where I saw a binky, I give it to her, she instantly pops it into her mouth and the storm has finally passed. She gives me a hug, a put on a movie and she falls asleep in my lap... then my Mom comes home, literally 10 minutes after she's asleep, and takes her away.... and I'm just left there, trying to piece together my broken will and shattered dreams of one day having children. So that was my Christmas Eve morning, how about yours?

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