Monday, December 6, 2010

Killer Kitty.

This is Runt's mother! We call her Mama. They're complete opposites though. Runt sleeps literally all day and Mama literally kills everything she can get her paws on. It's really neat to watch her because you know she is smart. She has learned to stand and watch these gopher holes around our house until they pop up. She has killed many gophers, along with birds, flying squirrels, mice, and rats. It's crazy to me how she can catch a bird, but she does it. She also likes to bring what she has killed up to our front door which is pretty gross. I've heard two theories about why cats do this. One is that they are trying to feed us because we feed them, sort of like a "thank you". The second one is that they think we don't know how to "hunt" because they never see us doing so, so they are trying to feed and show us how it's done. I personally think it's the first theory. Looking at this picture makes me ready to go home for the holidays so I can snuggle with my "babies."

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