Sunday, December 5, 2010

Instructors Evaluations.... How Important They Really Are

As the semester comes to an end tudents are asked to fill out evaluations. Sometimes we are honest and other times we just do them to get them over with. I know many of us never fill out the back because it consists of writing. If instructors do them right before class is over we definitely don' take the time to be truthful about the instructor. How many of us are guilty of this? As a student I am guilty of this myself. I am told that these evaluations are very important and should be taken very seriously. I wonder just how important they are and how much they can effect students and the instructor whom we evaluate. I also feel maybe that is why they decided to add an incentive to the evaluation process. At least now the question section will be answered. I know that this can help the instructors better their class by reading over the evaluations. The instructors also evaluate us as students, I wonder how this can effect us when we enroll in other classes. What are your thoughts on instructors evaluations at the end of the semester? If anyone can better explain this to me please do. Maybe students will learn to take evaluations more seriously.

If anyone has not filled out their course evaluation please do so online!

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