Friday, July 23, 2010

Ageless Computer games

Hey everybody, in my quest for a good RPG I had to travel to the past and I've uncovered a few truths... after a certain amount of time... games just don't work anymore... on the PC. As tech gets farther and farther the old games get left in the dust, warranting the need for programs like dosbox and emulators. But this is tough for some people that don't know how to use these programs. I still have my old Baldur's gate 2 discs, so i installed it, it was working okay at first, but then the cracks started forming. I couldn't play the multi player, even when it was just going to be me and a party of 5 I made. The game had serious slow down issues, some moments took about 2 minutes to register. Color issues, whenever i equip a weapon my character is replaced with a black box. And auto save problems, where the game would just crash in on itself. And this isn't all old games, I played Starcraft without a SINGLE issue, not one bad problem that I can remember. I tried to play Neverwinter Nights, a game that came out in 2004 I believe and I couldn't even get it to launch, some sort of issue with Vista 64.

That's a whole other problem with game compatibility with different operating systems, having all these different OS' are probably a huge thorn in the side of game developers, but I'm not really a tech person so I can't do anything about it. And it's a shame, Baldur's Gate 2 was one of my favorite games as a youth and it's the pinnacle of DnD RPG's for that time, and I can't play it. I CAN play Neverwinter Nights 2, but there's some sort of issue with loading the screen, it unpacks all the modules and loads really fast, but then it sits there on the loading screen for over 2 minutes while I sit and wait, and this is for all areas i go to. I'm not sure if that's for everybody, but it's a near deal breaker for me. I hate to leave all these classic PC games behind because frankly, they're better than some games of today. DnD games mainly I find are seriously lacking. But I don't know, just wanted to let you know to cherish your games, for soon they will be relics.

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