Sunday, June 13, 2010

June days

Today officially starts the second full week in June. Summer school will begin it's second week, something I am particularly please about because it means there's only three more weeks in the Summer I session. Session II will be a lot easier for me and I'll have a lot more free time. That, and I'll get to see more of my friends from last year. Man, time sure is trying to get away from me...
Anyway, we got some much needed rain during the course of last week. Most of it got on me, but nevertheless we got some cooler temperatures as well. When it wasn't raining (meaning on Saturday), I got to do a little travelling on Tyler's Bus System. I'll be honest, I had never seen a Tyler bus before yesterday. They were surprisingly comfortable and completely air conditioned. I was so relieved to be riding around in Tyler this summer.

I wonder what new weekend adventures this week will bring...

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